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Stericycle Expert Solutions
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Stericycle ExpertSOLUTIONS provides the most comprehensive global collection of brand protection and enhancement solutions, specializing in product recall, retrieval, quality audit, and return services. 

In today’s consumer-driven market, a company’s brand and reputation are under scrutiny 24/7. An error, not to mention crisis, can devastate a brand and destroy a company financially. Stericycle can mobilize resources quickly to address and stabilize a difficult situation. Our team has worked with thousands of customers large and small across a wide range of industries to protect and enhance their brands. ExpertSOLUTIONS helps organizations gather critical data to measure performance, adhere to strict compliance and quality requirements, and boost customer and employee satisfaction in the face of increasing regulatory and consumer scrutiny.

When a brand or reputation is on the line, companies need guidance from an experienced team and the confidence that comes from working with an expert.

Featured Services:

-          Recall

-          Return

-          Retrieval

-          Audit

-          Automotive Solutions


Fast Facts:

-          Global leader in recalls, managing close to 5,000

-          Work with 6 of the top 10 consumer product manufacturers 

-          25 + languages spoken in contact centers

Thursday, February 23

12:15pm PST