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Jennifer Shecter

Consumer Reports
Direct, Content Impact & Corporate Outreach

Jennifer Shecter is the Director of Content Impact & Corporate Outreach at Consumer Reports. In this capacity, she helps lead outreach and communications with manufacturers, partners, and policymakers, coordinating public service activities, and pursuing strategic initiatives to advance the organization's mission of serving the consumer interest.

Specifically, Ms. Shecter is the primary contact with manufacturers and government agencies in communicating potential safety hazards or performance problems with the products evaluated at Consumer Reports. She also deals directly with their inquiries into CR’s testing and results, including visits to CR’s labs. A key part of her role is explaining what drives CR’s consumer-focused comparative evaluations, which incorporate but don’t replicate voluntary and mandatory standards.

Ms. Shecter has been with Consumer Reports for more than a decade. She started in Communications where she focused on CR’s products, services and advocacy issues, which included representing CR in the national media. These issues included pushing for electronic stability control to be standard on all vehicles, addressing the hazards posed by vehicle blind spots, and making children’s products safer. More recently, she was involved in urging ASTM to adopt new safety standards for laundry detergent pods.

For almost a decade, she served in the Executive Office as the Senior Adviser to the President--writing speeches, op-eds, and briefing materials--and advising on key organizational issues like product safety, food safety, and health care. In 2012, she helped Consumer Reports launch its Food Safety and Sustainability Center, raising seed money from foundations and donors and building partnerships and relationships with key stakeholders in the food community.

Prior to coming to Consumer Reports in 1999, Shecter wrote a weekly investigative newsletter for the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonprofit that tracks the relationship between campaign contributions, lobbyists, and legislation. A graduate of Vassar College with a B.A in sociology, she is a native of Montreal, Canada.