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Charles Coletta

Fourstar Group
Senior Vice President, Quality

Charles Coletta has spent over thirty years in the field of product and materials testing, quality assurance and regulatory compliance.  He began his career as a test engineer and laboratory manager with Law Engineering in Atlanta, GA.  At that time, he began working with a small startup company called The Home Depot, writing specifications and performing testing for products imported from China.   That was how he entered the field of quality assurance for consumer products.  At this time, he realized that his engineering degree in civil engineering was not sufficient engineering background to properly design tests, so he attended Georgia Tech University to get a Master’s degrees in materials engineering.  His work came to the attention of first ITS, and then SGS, where he worked for over a dozen years, first as Lab Director and finally as Technical Director for Hardlines.  There he worked with most of the largest retailers and manufacturers in the US designing quality assurance and regulatory compliance programs and consulting with clients on quality and compliance issues.  It was during this time that Mr. Coletta began regularly travelling to Asia and Mexico to work with factories to help improve their quality process and the QA professionals (technicians, auditors and inspectors) who were employed to work on behalf of US retailers.  Mr. Coletta has lived and worked on and off in China for over 10 years, working with hundreds of factories both large and small.  After several years of working on his own as a quality consultant in China, Mr. Coletta is now employed by Fourstar Group as Senior Vice President for Quality.